Kelli Schaefer 12/1 at Holocene PDX

Kelli Schaefer
Fanno Creek

A couple of weeks ago we announced a new track “Underground” off of Kelli Schaefer’s upcoming record No Identity – out early 2017. Kelli plays Thursday December 1 at Holocene with Portland bands Fanno Creek, and Mordecai. Kelli and the band are just getting started after a long recording process, and we’d really love to see you again.

Advance tickets available here!

Kelli Schaefer – Underground

Today, dead in the middle of our confusion, we want to release on the spur-of-the-moment, a brand new Kelli Schaefer track, “Underground.” We need to do something today, and this is what we have.

Kelli Schaefer plays a free show in Portland at Rontom’s November 20th with AAN (record release) and Minden