In 2009, our community of Portland musicians started Amigo Amiga Recordings, a record label created to release the records we were making in our home. The concept was simple: work, and carve out space that allows for a life of music – dependent only on our own devices. The first year of Amigo Amiga was dedicated to consistently releasing a/b side “singles” from Kelli Schaefer, and Drew Grow – playing release shows and tours every six weeks, and running all press, booking, management, and label duties in-house. In 2010, the label released its first full-length record, Drew Grow & the Pastors’ Wives; a compilation of the previously released released singles from DGPW – pressed to vinyl. Shortly thereafter, in March 2011, Kelli Schaefer’s singles were pressed to vinyl as her album Ghost of the Beast. Amigo Amiga continued to release a number of EP’s and full-length records: a pair in 2012 from hip-hop artist Tope, the debut record from Modern Kin, and the Kelli Schaefer 601 EP in 2013, Bombay Beach 7” and full-length Death Tape in 2015 and 2016 respectively. 2017 brought our latest release from Kelli Schaefer a full-length record called No Identity.

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we like hearing new music, so we will accept your demo. we are not looking to sign any new bands at this time.

you can send us hate mail or vinyl records at:

Amigo Amiga
PO Box 86426
Portland, OR 97286

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