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Kelli Schaefer Live at OPB

“Watching Kelli Schaefer perform is an enthralling experience. The Portland native moves on stage with a subtle anxiety that adds urgency and importance to virtually every word she sings. And can she ever sing.” – read the full review and watch a live in-studio session at OPB Music.

Big Black Box
Holy Shotgun

Introducing: Bombay Beach

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Who: Ryan Lynch (guitars), Matthew Zimmerman (vocals), Jeremiah Hayden (drums).

Sounds like: Thurston Moore and Iggy Pop tripping around Joshua Tree, in a sci-fi mockumentary directed by Steve Albini.

For fans of: Sonic Youth, Big Black, the Stooges, David Lynch, Jodorowsky’s Dune.

A lot of bands make music that sounds like it should be in a movie. Rarer are those that actually go ahead and make the movie themselves.

Though the Bombay Beach film project—a dystopian Western set near California’s desolate Salton Sea—is still in the conceptual stage, it is as integral to the band Bombay Beach as the album it just finished recording. Continue reading