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Happy Birthday, “601”

Happy Birthday to Kelli Schaefer’s 601 EP – released May 28th, 2013! 🎉 🎂

“Kelli Schaefer recorded her 601 EP mostly alone (with major contributions from guitarist Ryan Lynch) in the Amigo Amiga Homeland throughout 2012. The album was released on a beautiful 10” clear vinyl and features sweeping tracks “Giants,” “Calm Down,” “I’ll Take You,” and “Inside The House Where Nobody Lives.” 601 is a look into the mind of a fractured-phsyche – a take on current culture and a demonstration of creativity where beauty is found not in spite of limitations, but in-part because of those limitations.”

Willamette Week review
Portland Mercury interview

Kelli Schaefer Live at OPB

“Watching Kelli Schaefer perform is an enthralling experience. The Portland native moves on stage with a subtle anxiety that adds urgency and importance to virtually every word she sings. And can she ever sing.” – read the full review and watch a live in-studio session at OPB Music.

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