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Bombay Beach & Kelli Schaefer KEXP Live Reviews

Check out the KEXP review of Freakout Fest! Day 1 (Bombay Beach) and Day 2 (Kelli Schaefer) are up now on the KEXP Blog!

Bombay Beach: “the power trio seems like a tight-knit, egalitarian group, at ease with each other on stage.” – Kaitlin Frick

Kelli Schaefer: “Her music stares into the abyss, but she continues to come back unscathed and stronger than before.” -Dusty Henry

Cathedrals XII

We’re happy to announce that Kelli Schaefer will be a part of “Cathedrals XII” – June 4th at St Marks Cathedral in Seattle. “Cathedrals” is a series of a cappella performances from NW indie musicians. Kelli has written original music for this concert based on themes from her upcoming record

Tickets and more info are available at http://june4cathedrals.bpt.me

CATHEDRALS XII: indie bands simplified down to only their voices perform in the massive St Mark’s Cathedral. Singers this year include: Adra Boo ( Fly Moon Royalty), Maiah Manser, The Banner Days ( Bradford Loomis & Beth Whitney),  Kelli Schaefer (Portland), Hope Simpson ( Ever-so-android), Nouela O Johnston, Phinisey (Tacoma) and special guests. All performing short sets with no instruments.