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“Mind is a Cone” Official Video Premiere via Paste Magazine

Kelli Schaefer’s “Mind is a Cone” music video premieres today via Paste Magazine!
The video was written & directed by Schaefer for the track off her latest record No Identity.

We are elated to premiere the video for Kelli Schaefer’s track “Mind is a Cone” today! (Paste Magazine has the scoop) The video was written and directed by Schaefer, with the inimitable Tyler Kalberg as Director of Photography.
Check out the video here – and please share!

No Identity released 3/17 on Amigo Amiga Recordings

Kelli Schaefer /// No Identity /// 03.17.17

UPDATE 01/14/17 : “Big Black Box” and “Underground” are now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and all your favorite streaming services! Click the links to open in your preferred app (via SmartURL)

Hola Amigos y Amigas!

We’re very excited to announce that the new Kelli Schaefer full-length record No Identity is set to release March 17th!

Today we’re proud to give you a new track from the record, “Big Black Box” – a quirky, soulful, art-pop track featuring background vocals from producer/ collaborator Drew Grow, Ryan Lynch on guitar, and Jeremiah Hayden on drums. More to come, thanks for listening!

Please feel free to request “Big Black Box” or the previously released “Underground” on your local radio station! NW favorites X-Ray.fm & KEXP have the tracks and are happy to play them – please request! If your local station doesn’t have it, we’d be happy to send them the music.

Kelli Schaefer “The Cone” [Update]

Kelli Schaefer’s Kickstarter project for her new album “The Cone” has nearly reached the halfway mark. With 17 days to go, the project is 46% funded – thanks to those of you who have been able to pledge so far! If you’re considering pledging to this project, now is as good a time as any to dig into the rewards and be a part of making this beautiful album possible. Yesterday we added some new reward options, so head over today and find the package that works for you!

The money you pledge will not be deducted from your account until January 3rd, and only if the project goal is reached by then.

Thanks for your support, as always.